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Party Hunt: Discover, Promote & connect to your favorite artists

An application that lets people discover the best parties and live concerts around them in Goa. Parties like Karaoke, rave parties, pool parties, festivals, clubbing, and much more. Party Hunt was founded on 31st October 2018. It is focused on partygoers, events & organizers, each benefitting from connecting with their favourite musicians, venues, and artists.



Incubees: Tell us about yourself and your journey as an Entrepreneur. 

Rachit Rawat: I have been a skilled programmer since I was 10. I graduated from IIIT-Allahabad in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Information Technology. I’ve worked in multiple tech startups as a mobile app developer. With my love for coding, entrepreneurship, music, and community building, I am nurturing this idea from inception into a growing company.

My journey as an entrepreneur has been very interesting and with a learning curve that has helped me and my company reach where it stands today. My love for music and community building has connected me to many visionaries and people who helped me carry this idea into creating a company.


Incubees: Tell us about Party Hunt. What Inspired you to start Party Hunt?

Rachit Rawat: The Party Hunt mobile app combines a digital marketplace with social networking tools. It allows users to easily discover nearby parties, organizers to promote music events and artists to book performances. Launched in Goa in October 2018, Party Hunt is an app designed to help you find live music events and your own events. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, venue host, or musician in Goa, this app was made with you in mind.

As a global party destination, the biggest question for travellers in Goa (India) is, “Where’s the party?”. Being part of the global music community, we decided to bridge this huge market gap. Music connects people, and events bring people together. Thus, a social network platform built around music events will have the most in-person interactions compared to any other virtual social network.


Incubees: What is your vision for the company?

Rachit Rawat: Our mission is to build an online marketplace for the music event community. Building a social network for the music industry with an end-to-end solution where all the industry’s key players can connect.



Incubees: What is the process of finding partygoers, events and organizers that you feel are suitable?

Rachit Rawat: There are many features for the partygoers to find the party they want to visit, main features on our app include discovery filters based on personal preferences.

There is a party map to locate the nearest party and so much more.

It’s an open platform for the partygoers to discover and events and organizers to upload their parties, but we have marketing tools for the organizers based on their budget and audience capacity to reach more partygoers in their music niche. There are networking tools for artists, fans and partygoers, making the app easily accessible and simple.



Incubees: Where do you see your company in another 5 years? Do you plan to raise funding or let it grow organically?

Rachit Rawat: We aim to become a global social network for the music event industry. In the next five years, we envision expanding our operations to five hundred new locations across the globe and expanding internationally, accounting for an upsurge in our user base up to 50 Million, connecting the entire globe through music and building a strong community that shares similar interests. Yes, we have been in the process of raising our first seed round, for which there has been a welcoming interest from investors, and we are still raising this round to grow our company and reach out to more and more people to achieve our long-term goals.


Incubees: Tell us about your team. What keeps them motivated?

Rachit Rawat: Our team consists of multinational dynamic young professionals working remotely. Alongside our core team, we expand our operations, sales & marketing team during the tourist season. We also hire skilled freelancers and agencies for specific tasks in their area of expertise. The shared passion for music, dance and community building connects our team to the company’s vision and keeps them motivated.





Incubees: Given that there have been changes to regulations and event attendance figures since COVID-19, how would you characterize the current market?

Rachit Rawat: Covid has hugely affected the inflow of tourists from parts of India, impacting the event industry and tourism of Goa, which is directly related to our business.

There was a lot of uncertainty and confusion about how the season would turn out for Goa. Despite the challenges, we have had our highest user growth and most profitable year (2021) during covid. As remote work has been standardized, it is easier for professionals to relocate to travel destinations. After covid lockdowns were lifted, the travel & event industry saw an upsurge, resulting in more travellers & parties than ever before. Even the monsoon season has a great turnout despite covid and ongoing situations.


Incubees: What would you like to address to the budding Entrepreneurs?

Rachit Rawat: I’d like to share something I’ve learned through my experience with young and upcoming entrepreneurs. Having a strong belief in yourself is crucial even before anyone else believes in you. You must keep yourself motivated by believing in yourself and your vision. Losing on the customer’s pain points is also very important. That’s what connects you to your audience.


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