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Phalada Pure and Sure launches Organic Coconut Water beverage

Kolkata: Phalada Pure and Sure, India’s leading organic food brand, has launched a delightfully refreshing organic coconut water beverage.

This ultimate energizer is packed with vital nutrients, and high concentrations of electrolytes, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Expressing his thoughts, Surya Shastry – Managing Director, Phalada Organic Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. says, “At Phalada Pure and Sure, we aim to consistently innovate and promote clean food and healthy eating habits. Our farms and processing facilities are certified to Indian and International standards and we are fully engaged in every stage of the supply chain. The latest addition to our vast range of products, the Organic Coconut Water, is a clean, organic and refreshing beverage that is packed with nutrients. Currently, we are battling with a pandemic situation and taking care of one’s health and boasting immunity is a must. Bearing this in mind, we have innovated and launched Organic Coconut Water to enhance body’s immune system. We have also added two variants to ensure our customers have something unique to try.”

The new beverage is the cleanest organic coconut water free of pesticides, additives, or artificial ingredients. All the products under the brand portfolio are 100% certified organic products in an endeavor to provide clean food that guarantee purity and wholesomeness.

The Phalada Pure and Sure Organic Coconut Waters are made with organically grown coconuts and fruits and are available in 3 exciting flavors. The Organic Coconut Water – Plain with the goodness of the tender coconut, the Organic Coconut Water + Pineapple infused with organic pineapple puree, and the Organic Coconut Water + Watermelon infused with organic watermelon puree.


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