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Piyush Goyal urges creation of sustainable startup ecosystems to tackle global challenges

In a bid to tackle global challenges, Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal, has urged the creation of sustainable startup ecosystems, startups which will foster innovation and address the world’s most pressing problems. By recognizing the potential of startups to drive economic growth and transformative change, Piyush Goyal emphasized the importance of sustainable practices and solutions in his address to the entrepreneurial community on Friday, July 7.

While addressing the ‘Startup20 Shikhar’ at Gurgaon, Piyush Goyal also stressed that startups have a crucial role to play in finding innovative solutions for the challenges faced by humanity including climate change, healthcare, and poverty, etc.

He appreciated the Startup20 event, and commenting on it, he said, “This engagement of diverse experiences and knowledge is aimed to foster collaboration and bridge gaps between countries”.

He also expressed hope that the participants, both local and international, will leave with valuable memories, learnings, and connections to further nurture their own startup journeys and contribute to the growth of the entrepreneurial community in their respective nations.

He further added, “It is not just the role of individual nations but the collective responsibility of all nations to support innovation and the startup ecosystem. The focus has to be on facilitating exchange of ideas, best practices and funding mechanisms and promoting collaborations in Research and Development”.

The Commerce Minister’s call for sustainable startup ecosystems has resonated with the entrepreneurial community who have shown enthusiasm and commitment to integrating sustainability into their business models.

With India emerging as a global hub for innovation, the emphasis on sustainable startups is expected to have far-reaching positive implications, both locally and globally.


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