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Road Pilot- Bridging gaps in the trucking industry

Road Pilot Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of its kind services in India providing a digital platform for the core group of people involved in the trucking industry i.e., Truck owners, Truck drivers, Dhabhas, and Truck mechanics.


Incubees: Tell us about your product/services.

Nitin Sharma: Across the globe, it can be said that Logistics is the tail of commerce and trucking is the tip of the tail. Trucking operations, from an Indian perspective, can be said to be the lifeline of commerce and economic development. Road Pilot Technologies Pvt Ltd is a one of its kind service in India which provides a digital platform in terms of mobile app for the core group of people involved in the trucking industry i.e. Truck owners, Truck drivers, Dhabhas, and Truck mechanics.


Incubees: What makes your product/services unique and what competition do you see in India as well as globally?

Nitin Sharma: Road pilot technologies Pvt Ltd is introducing the first mobile app in the trucking industry which gives recognition to the unknown & scattered people involved in the trucking industry i.e. Truck drivers, truck owners, dhabhas on national highways, and Local truck mechanics. Road pilot app will construct a bridge to cover the gap between truck owners & truck drivers where they’ll be able to post the vacancies for truck drivers against their idle trucks as well as find the verified & trusted truck drivers from pan India. Also, the truck drivers will be offered various social welfare facilities to improvise their day-to-day life in terms of med claim insurance, personal accident insurance, and discounted food at dhabhas as well as roadside assistance with the help of local mechanics on board. Presently, the primary challengers are the scattered agents/truck driver leaders from the same industry.



Incubees: What challenges do you see in the market at this point in time?

Nitin Sharma: The major challenge which we feel is the unawareness of the rights and facilities these users can get in return for the enrolment. And, steady & slowly we are overcoming this challenge by massive promotional activities, drivers and truck owners meet, etc.


Incubees: Tell us about your team and what motivates them?

Nitin Sharma: Road pilot technologies Pvt Ltd team consists of three dashing, energetic, experienced, and result-oriented founders as under-

  • Nitin Sharma (founder ) – with a massive experience of 18 years in the logistic sector, developed and operated 14 branches in India with a fleet of 24 Heavy commercial vehicles plying throughout the country.
  • Neelam Sharma (co-founder) –, gold medallist from North Bengal University. Currently working as a Professor of Entrepreneurship & accountancy in a recognized university.
  • Lokesh Reddy (co-founder) – B.Tech Engineer in Aeronautics and Finalist of Smart Hackathon 2020 organized by Indian Space research Organization (ISRO).




Incubees: Do you have plans to raise funding to grow your business or allow your business to grow organically?

Nitin Sharma: Yes, of course, Road Pilot Technologies Pvt Ltd is looking forward to raising funding because somewhere somehow we are into expansion, and as the Target customer is huge and in every part of the country so we are ready to reach every end-user who is involved in the trucking industry.


Incubees: What challenges do you face as a start-up?

Nitin Sharma: Being a start-up, one of the biggest challenges we faced is that in terms of business transactions a start-up doesn’t have the financial figures as the initial period comprises only purchases rather than sales. It leads to very, very tough to make a financial institution believe that how much potential the start-up has. Secondly, More or less, people don’t believe in the Idea at the very first glance and sometimes it becomes very difficult to make them understand that too, with no traction. Third, being a problem-solving concept, we faced problems in our own way in terms of belief, managing finances, etc.


Incubees: What would you like to address to the budding Entrepreneurs?

Nitin Sharma: For the budding entrepreneurs I would like to say that every idea is unique and worth it. Every start-up has its own recognition. But over here, the idea doesn’t give you anything until and unless your execution is beyond the limit. If you want to establish and develop the brand, then you have to push limits. Maybe you won’t gain traction in the initial stage but that shouldn’t make your morale down because you only know that what are you going to give to society. Also, I would like to say that rather than searching for ideas lookout for the problems which a common man faces in his/her day-to-day life, and yes if you find the right thing then definitely you will be the next Entrepreneur.


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