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RP tech India Suggests Ways to Keep Employees Motivated During COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed dynamics of the world so as the corporate culture. Work from Home is the reality and companies across the sectors are embracing this new normal. While many organizations are quick to adapt WFH, employees are still learning the new working style. Although WFH is the most effective way to maintain social distancing and safeguard from coronavirus, the transition is bit challenging and could be exhausting for employees. In this scenario, it is a responsibility of employers to boost employees’ morale and keep them motivated and focused to sail through the tough time.


WFH is not a new concept but the COVID-19 crisis has triggered its massive adoption in the India Inc. Given the fact that social distancing continues to be the most effective way to curb the coronavirus, WFH is set to become mainstream practice in the country. However, WFH has its challenges and limitations both for companies and employees. The sudden shift into working may lead to frustration, anxiety and insecurity in some employees. Also, not all are comfortable working from home. Technical limitations may also create hindrance in the job and constant interruptions at home may affect performance. Therefore, employers must ensure that their workforce has all the necessary WFH capabilities. RP tech India has unveiled Work from Home (WFH) and Learn from Home (LFH) solutions to help people safeguard from coronavirus. Designed to address the specific needs of employees at stay home scenario, RP tech WFH and LFH portfolio ensures maximum efficiency and enhanced performance.

Needless to say that the recent lay-offs and shutdowns of businesses has created a sense of insecurity among employees. In this situation, setting up realistic goals is critical to winning their confidence. Employers should share their vision and roadmap with employees and accordingly set up KRAs for each of the team member. Expecting employees work 24X7 at stay home environment is not a right approach. It is important to set standards for working hours define clear deliverables and metrics that will enable employers to track output and measure employees’ performance.

Since lockdown has put a restriction on the social gathering, virtual conferences have gained a lot of traction to connect with people across the region. Employers should invest in video conferencing and collaboration tools also explore virtual community forums for knowledge sharing. This is a good way to share updates about the business roadmap, planning and execution of new projects, sharing of ideas and feedback and address concerns of employees. Try to assign collaborative tasks/projects to ensure teamwork and harmony among various departments.

In these unprecedented times, one must take care of his mental and physical health and organizations can to help employees strike a balance between work and family. Since employees spend a lot of time at home, they perform the dual task of office work and family engagement. This can be exhausting for them and may impact their performance. Hence, companies should regularly organize health and fitness activities for them to keep them happy and motivated. They can also invite motivational speakers, fitness coaches, consultants to interact with employees in a much productive way.

WFH cannot be successful without family engagement. WFH has allowed companies to involve families of employees and share the Company’s vision with them. Family engagement can be a booster for employees and keep up their morale. RP tech India recently organized a virtual Talent Hunt for employees and their family members, which received an overwhelming response. Similarly, employers can create virtual team activities like online multiplayer games, quizzes, cooking competition, singing competition, talent hunt, fun activities for children where the entire family can participate and win exciting prizes.

Lastly, recognize the efforts of employees reward their hard work. Recognition can be the biggest motivation for employees and it also ensures constant performance from them. Employers can conduct periodic surveys to understand employees’ views, their concerns and the area of improvement. This will create a feeling of inclusiveness among the teams. Companies can also invest in e-learning platforms, support them in certification and online courses, which will upgrade their skills and knowledge and ultimately improve their performance.

Rajesh Goenka, Director, Sales and Marketing, RP tech India

Mr. Rajesh Goenka is responsible to formulate and drive the overall business operations and lead value-added programs at RP tech India. An Engineering and Management graduate, Mr. Goenka is a proven leader with a profound proficiency in building outstanding teams for execution of successful long-term business strategy.

A True Leader & Marketer in the ICT & Mobility business with over 20 years of industry experience, he is the catalyst for RP tech India’s consistent double digit growth YoY. Prior starting his inning in RP tech India in 2001, Mr. Goenka had the successful stint in various MNCs including NVIDIA where he served as the Head of Marketing – India, Middle East & Africa.

One of the most popular IT Channel Chiefs in India, Mr. Goenka is the recipient of many coveted appreciations for his exemplary contribution to the growth of IT channel business from leading media publications. Mr. Goenka has been conferred one of the “Top 10 IT Channel Heads” in India by IT Nations. DQ Channels featured him among the ‘Top 16 Distributor Chiefs’ in 2016. He was also shortlisted among the BEST CMOs in the Indian ICT industry in 2017 by VAR India. SME Channels recently featured him amongst the “Top CMOs in India in 2019”.


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