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Satisfy your sweet cravings with healthy laddus from Laddubox

Sandeep Jogiparti is the co-founder of Laddubox along with Kavitha. Laddubox is a Hyderabad based start-up that sells  Laddus made of whole grains, Dry Fruits, Nuts, Millets, Jaggery, and Cow Ghee. Their concept is to sell laddus free of sugar, and laddus that are highly nutritious. Saandeep was in conversation with Susparsha Gaikwad, Assistant Editor of

INCUBEES: Tell us about your product or services?

Saandeep: Laddubox, a snack company sells Laddus made of Whole grains, Dry Fruits, Nuts, Millets, Jaggery, and Cow Ghee.

INCUBEES: What makes your product/services unique and what competition do you see in India and globally?

Saandeep: All our products are free of refined sugars and preservatives. They are made of Jaggery and Cow Ghee. Laddubox’ laddus are healthier versions of most favorite sweet to everyone in India. We see our laddu as a snack rather than a sweet and every other healthy snack company as our competition.

INCUBEES: What are the challenges you see in the market at this point in time?

Saandeep: This is the tough time the entire world is facing due to the pandemic. The major challenge we face currently is gaining trust with the consumer and there is a slow pace for the market adoption for a startup, especially in the food industry.

INCUBEES: Tell us about your team and what inspires them?

Saandeep: We are a young team of 10 people and our mission is to provide good food through our products while sticking to our core product philosophy of simple and natural process and promote healthy indulgence.

INCUBEES: Where do you see your product/service reaching in the next five-years?

Saandeep: Our vision is to build the most trusted health food brand in India

INCUBEES: Do you have plans to raise funding to grow your business or allow your business to organically grow?

Saandeep: Currently the business is self-funded and bootstrapping. We do have plans to raise funds for scaling the business nationally and introduce other categories.

INCUBEES: What are the challenges you face as a startup?

Saandeep: Startup businesses and first-time entrepreneurs face challenges every day in all activities we perform. The real happiness lies in how we start our day and tackle the problems and find ways to solve them.

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