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Israel: Sensi.AI, an AI-powered remote care quality management platform, announces the completion of a $3.5 million Seed funding round, led by Flint Capital. The investment will support Sensi’s continued market expansion across US in-home care agencies and senior care facilities.

The platform provides audio analytics-based insight that helps eliminate blind-spots and enables care agencies with complete visibility and transparency into each hour of care without having to rely on neither the caregiver nor the client’s input.

Sensi enables agencies, for the first time ever, to obtain data-based insight into each client’s care needs and ensure that their caregivers are best equipped to answer those needs in the highest quality manner. Agency managers can now obtain an objective overview and take simple actions that drive staff and client retention, mitigate liability claims and help with new client acquisition.

“We believe Sensi is a real game-changer for the senior care industry,” says Romi Gubes, CEO, Sensi.AI. “The world population is aging and the demand for professional caregivers exceeding the supply. In-home care services have proven to be one of the most critical fields of service in today’s world and at the same time – one of the most challenging to manage. In an industry that provides such sensitive, life-critical services, having to remotely manage an underqualified, distributed, high turn-over workforce – is a huge responsibility. Sensi was especially developed to overcome the challenges of in-home care environments.”

“We really do believe that Sensi will help create safer environments for our elders to age with the respect, confidence, and dignity that they deserve, and that is a change that will positively impact each and every one of us,” Gubes adds.


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