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SOFAR Americas Introduces Innovia Probiotic Micro-Shots for Kids

PETALUMA, Calif., July 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SOFAR Americas, the U.S. subsidiary of Italy’s no. 1 digestive health company, introduces Innovia KIDS, a simple, yet revolutionary, drinkable, probiotic supplement. SOFAR’s renowned LP-DG® probiotic strain is blended with essential vitamins that children need, such as D3, for healthy bone development and B vitamins to support nerves and muscles. Innovia KIDS empowers children by promoting sustained energy, soothing and balancing the digestive process, and boosting a healthy immune response.Innovia Probiotics launches revolutionary KIDS micro-shot with LP-DG® strain, scientifically developed for children ages 4+ to promote sustained energy, balance digestion, and boosts a healthy immune response. Available in raspberry flavor on Innovia's website and Amazon.

“In Europe, and in other parts of the world, our patented strain has been incredibly successful and has proven time-and-again to be most effective when administered in our unique micro-shot liquid delivery system,” said Gregory Bonfilio, SOFAR Americas’ President & CEO. “Considering the health challenges we are all facing this year and as the maker of the most advanced probiotic product in the market today, Innovia has worked tirelessly to bring a specifically formulated kids formulation to U.S. families, combining an extremely well-researched probiotic strain containing liquid vitamin nutrients with a fun, fresh and delicious way to ingest. Our micro-shot system is loved by kids because they can help ‘make’ their probiotics, just before enjoying a sip of sweet nectar.”

Innovia KIDS comes in a natural raspberry flavor and was scientifically developed for children ages 4+. The probiotic powder in each dose is kept stable and effective—without refrigeration—in a small bottle with a patented cap, that protects the vulnerable probiotic bacteria. When the top of the cap is pressed firmly down, one (1) billion live and active LP-DG® cultures are released into liquid vitamin nutrients and natural flavors. Children will almost immediately begin to reap the benefits of the synergistic combination of probiotics and targeted vitamins. With only about one (1) tablespoon of liquid in each Innovia KIDS micro-shot, it’s a quick, easy and well-loved way to boost children’s overall health and wellness.

Kids too—not just adults—experience life’s daily stressors, which test their immune systems and influence emotional wellbeing. Children, especially, benefit from daily use of high-quality probiotics, and Innovia KIDS was designed to balance and nourish the overall health of the pediatric microbiome. SOFAR’s LP-DG® strain, which is the foundation of one of the world’s leading brands of probiotic supplements, has been shown in nearly 20 human clinical studies to be safe and effective for a variety of human health conditions. Daily use of Innovia KIDS goes far beyond digestive support and soothing an upset tummy—the strain has been shown to reduce inflammation caused by routine activity and suboptimal nutrition, and to support the uptake of certain proteins for muscle health and activity.

Added Bonfilio, “Innovia KIDS provides children a kind of ‘superhero strain’ to fight threats to the immune system by replenishing good bacteria, while multiplying and nourishing gut microflora. Compared to other powder, capsule, or even drinkable probiotics on the market for children today, Innovia KIDS goes the extra mile to ensure that children enjoy taking their daily probiotics.”

For maximum effectiveness, probiotics need to be stable and robust enough to reach the gut alive, and strong enough to adhere to the intestinal lining and duplicate. Innovia’s patented micro-shot system was designed specifically to protect sensitive probiotics in a dry, sealed cap, until they are deliberately released into the liquid blend of nutrients, at the moment of consumption. Probiotics are literally ‘made fresh’ just before use. It is well known that many probiotics do not stay alive during production, or while sitting on the shelf, and the original benefit of the strains is lost and never reaches the consumer. The science behind Innovia KIDS allows the proven LP-DG® bacteria to remain dormant, but fully potent, until the moment the probiotics are injected into the bottle’s liquid vitamin solution.

All Innovia Probiotics brand supplements are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, vegetarian, and free of all synthetic colors and artificial flavors. Innovia KIDS is non-GMO for the health and safety of our children and our planet.

Innovia Probiotics, which has been available in the U.S. since 2017, includes Digestion, Liquid Fiber, and now KIDS, which can be found at and are available on Amazon.

About Innovia

Innovia Probiotics are a premium line of nutritional dietary supplements which utilize a unique and patented delivery system. The Innovia Probiotic micro-shot protects live, stable and fully potent probiotic strains, in the presence of liquid nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts, prebiotic and healthy fibers. Innovia Probiotic micro-shots are experiential and ‘made fresh’ before consumption, and they are delicious to drink. Innovia Probiotics are formulated to address a variety of human health conditions through strain-specific research and specially chosen bio-active nutrients. The Innovia micro-shot delivery system, while relatively unknown in North America, can be found in one of the world’s leading probiotic brands, and millions are consumed each year.

About SOFAR Americas, Inc.

SOFAR Americas, Inc. is owned by Italy’s leading digestive health pharmaceutical and nutritional company, SOFAR S.p.A of Milan (metro-area). SOFAR is a family owned company with more than 50 years of experience producing branded pharmaceuticals, medical devices and dietary supplements of the highest quality. Expertise, flexibility and innovation are the guiding values that allow for the design, development, production and distribution of unique and effective offerings for human health and wellness. SOFAR Americas is proud to introduce the LP-DG® probiotic strain to the U.S. market in Innovia Probiotics, as this strain is the foundation of the #1 probiotic line in Italy and the #5 probiotic brand worldwide.


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