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Startup Accelerator Programmes launched by Jobtech Alliance to improve livelihoods in Africa

The Catalyst Jobtech Accelerator and the Jobtech Innovation Lab are two new initiatives from the Jobtech Alliance, an ecosystem-building initiative around inclusive jobtech in Africa led by Mercy Corps and BFA Global. These initiatives are intended to support digital platforms that link people to employment opportunities that help them build livelihoods.

The Jobtech Alliance, a collaboration between Mercy Corps and BFA Global, strives to foster an environment where entrepreneurs may establish platforms that provide users with respectable employment opportunities, are inclusive, and provide excellent livelihoods.

The Catalyst Job Accelerator will host two cohorts of four early-stage innovators developing inexpensive, suitable, and accessible jobtech solutions that link young people to work, building on the knowledge gained from BFA Global’s Catalyst Fund concept.

The Catalyst Job Accelerator will concentrate on inventions that have the potential to spread and significantly boost employment and income, and it will provide funding that will have a significant influence on the team’s capacity to test and refine their product. Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Senegal, Ethiopia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Sudan, or South Sudan should be the startup’s target market or base of operations.

“By building an ecosystem where entrepreneurs have access to knowledge and networks that can help scale their businesses, we’re starting to change the conversation about the future of work and what can be achieved,” said Michelle Hassan, Kenya country manager at BFA Global.

The Jobtech Innovation Lab collaborates with jobtech platforms on specific sprints that might increase the scope, significance, or user inclusiveness of the platforms. In order to better offer services, reach new markets, or reduce obstacles to access for marginalized people, this might entail producing new goods or services; improving products, operations, or marketing; and promoting market expansion, particularly towards underserved markets.

“There are many great opportunities for jobtech platforms to increase their scale, impact, and inclusivity on the continent, but there is a lack of time, capital, and capacity to deliver on them. We’re keen to work with these platforms to further their business goals and improve outcomes for their platform users,”  said Chris Maclay, Mercy Corps Jobtech Alliance programme director.

Each of the selected startups will get funding, specialized venture-building assistance, and the chance to collaborate directly with the BFA Global and Mercy Corps teams, business leaders, mentors, and ecosystem partners to grow their impact. The Catalyst Jobtech Accelerator and Jobtech Innovation Lab websites are where interested parties may submit their applications.




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