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Startups collaborate with Simplilearn to build Tech Talent

Kolkata: With the pandemic introducing a wave of rapid digitization, the after-effects have resulted in a significant demand-supply gap in tech hiring across startups.

A sharp and sudden increase in demand for a technically skilled workforce and the apparent shortage of a digitally adept workforce has led startups across industries to seek out online digital skilling programs to help build top quality tech talent.

The offer to joining ratio in digital roles is currently at an all-time low of 0.3-0.4. This means only 30 to 40% of the candidates who accept an offer end up joining those companies, or each of them have 3 to 4 offers in hand.

Simplilearn, a global leader in digital skills training today, holds a critical place in this ecosystem – as the solution provider. While some of the larger startups like Flipkart, Swiggy, and Myntra are already using Simplilearn as a platform to train their employees on specific skills, the company has seen tremendous interests from early-stage startups who have raised series A or series B for customized 5-7 week fresh hire onboarding programs in emerging skill areas like full stack development, cloud computing, data science & analytics. Such program requirements to augment in-house tech talent were until recently explored only by large companies.

To make this model available to early-stage companies for scaling their tech team, Simplilearn is offering them and other similar startups a free pilot program. In general, the hiring process at startups follows the “just in time” and “no time to train” guidelines—quite different from the traditional hiring process at larger firms who implement standardized programs like the “fresh hire onboarding program”. However, the current reality has pushed startups to rethink their fresh hiring strategies and look at tieing-up with skilling platforms. These programs focus on training and enabling new hires with digital and new-age technology skills, making them role ready.

Speaking on the recent uptick in startup enrollments on the platform, Krishna Kumar, Founder, and CEO, Simplilearn, said, “This is one of the most challenging times for startups to build tech talent as there is a war for tech talent. Startups have to think out of the box to expand their team to realize their dream of building the best in class product.”

2020 saw the evolution of a changing business landscape. This, in turn, resulted in changes to job requirements, which prompted both working professionals and job seekers to invest in new skills. The programs offered by Simplilearn are designed using a unique blended learning model that provides a balance of both online classes and expert instructor-led live classrooms. The Bootcamp approach of training also provides learners a real classroom experience through hands-on labs. All this is made possible through Simplilearn’s AI-powered learning platform called “EngageX”. The programs also offer sessions with subject matter experts and industry certified Capstone projects. On completion of the program, learners receive a certificate of completion from Simplilearn and related partner companies and universities.


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