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Stellaris Venture Partners backed $5.1 M Pre-Series A funding raised by RevenueHero

Tuesday saw the announcement of a $5.1 million Pre-Series A funding round led by Stellaris Venture Partners for the Indian sales pipeline acceleration platform RevenueHero.

According to a statement from RevenueHero, existing investor Together Fund also participated in the round.

The funds raised, according to the statement, will be used to grow the company across the North American market and to fortify the team.

“The sophistication, effort, and money spent in getting a buyer’s attention is coming to an anti-climatic end as soon as they request a demo,” said Sudharshan Karthik, co-founder, and CEO of RevenueHero.

He claims that in the majority of business-to-business (B2B) organizations today, a prospect’s first interaction with sales is nameless thank you page.

He asserted that providing high-intent customers with an experience that corresponds to their urgency shouldn’t entail email back-and-forth and inbox monitoring.

“We’ve seen this process at a scale where painfully long sales cycles lead to frustrating buying experiences that hurt the business bottom line,

“At RevenueHero, we make it easy for a customer to buy from a business by ensuring a frictionless experience throughout the B2B buyer journey,” he said.

Additionally, he mentioned that before making a purchase, B2B buyers have access to significantly more information than consumers do.

“When they finally come knocking on the door, they’ve mostly made up their mind and are only looking for answers to a few critical questions before completing the purchase,

“At this stage, winning the customer is really about how well and quickly can the company respond to the prospect,” he added.

The platform matches qualified buyers with the appropriate sales representatives directly, providing a superior experience for buyers and raising revenue for their clients through instant lead qualification, enrichment, routing, and scheduling.

Sudharshan Karthik, Aaditya S, Charanyan Venkataraghavan, Hariharan R, Krupesh Muthukumar, and Pranav R founded the company.




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