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Technology Innovation Hub opened by Tetrasoft at Bhubaneswar

Tetrasoft, a worldwide digital services business located in Hyderabad that focuses on delivering innovation and digital services to major enterprise clients, announced the launch of a state-of-the-art Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, on Thursday.

The TIH was established to broaden the company’s digital transformation capabilities across a variety of digital technologies in order to improve delivery quality and customer experiences for global business clients.

The advanced Technology Innovation Hub, which is expected to hire over 100 highly skilled digital experts at first, will include an Insurance Innovation Lab (IIL), which will capitalize on the growing demand and augment its capabilities by providing an immersive environment for clients to collaborate and co-innovate across the Insurance industry, including core platform modernization, intelligent process automation, and data analytics.

The solutions will focus on next-generation technologies such as digital analytics, Cloud enablement, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and cognitive computing, as well as core insurance products such as Duckcreek.

The firm is seeking aggressive ramp-ups of both lateral and young engineers who are looking for their next growth challenge. The company is focused on creating next-generation products and intelligent platforms for its global enterprise customers.

“Enterprise clients are under stress grappling with seismic technology shifts, to score a competitive edge. At Tetrasoft, we are passionate about helping our clients predict, prepare, and thrive navigating disruptive changes by applying advanced innovations to shape the future,” said Rama S Eyunni, Chief Executive Officer, Tetrasoft Inc.

Our Technology Innovation Hub in Bhubaneswar will help cross-pollinate ideas and innovations from around the world, enable our clients to scale their technology investments, boost business outcomes, and create new opportunities for local talent, he added.

The lab will use a large pool of digital talent, domain experts, industry innovators, proven methodologies, state-of-the-art technologies, and an agile business approach to enable clients to harness future technologies with a digital-first approach to accelerate transforming the way businesses interact in the market by leveraging business, data, and insights.

Staffing for the new jobs created in the Hub will be sourced locally, in partnership with local academic institutions and the ecosystem to build a strong pipeline for talent and innovation.

“We are excited to open our new office in a high-skill location like Bhubaneswar which will focus on developing core digital solutions for a range of industries with an initial focus on Insurance. Bhubaneswar has a talent pool with deep expertise in digital platforms and integration skills,” said Surya Thammiraju, EVP & Chief Technology Officer, Tetrasoft Inc.

Clients will be able to create and scale solutions for the new digital economy, as well as accelerate value generation through enterprise-wide, game-changing innovations, with the help of the Lab.

“Bhubaneswar is an excellent destination in expanding our Global delivery operations with a focus on Insurance. The office will focus on core delivery of projects, building solutions at our Insurance Innovation Lab (IIL) and nurturing talent at the Tetra Academy (TA) at Bhubaneswar”, said Anil Venuganti, VP & Global Delivery Head.

The TIH will also be focussing on digital services and will be integral to bring together capabilities needed to ideate, prototype, build and scale disruptive solutions for clients across geographies and industries, and tap the rich talent pool and innovation ecosystem spread across the globe where it operates.

“The hub will empower global clients to accelerate next-generation, digital transformation, driven by world-class collaborative innovation and co-creation to deliver superior experiences, introduce personalized products, reduce costs, boost efficiency & growth, faster and smarter.” said Sujeet Parida, Practice Head – Insurance Products who joined the company last year to strengthen the insurance offerings.

Tetrasoft, a global leader in information technology and consulting services, aims to help customers transcend digital generations by leveraging the power of data explosion, mobility, the emergence of cloud-based business platforms, hyper-automation, transforming ways of working, connected devices, and cloud integration.


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