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Test prep provider Exampur acquired by upGrad

Exampur, a test preparation company for government employment, was purchased by a higher edtech platform upGrad on Tuesday for an unknown price.

Exampur, a learning platform located in Noida, hopes to generate income of at least Rs 70 crore ($7.5 million) this fiscal year.

The website, which Vivek Kumar and Vardan Gandhi co-founded in 2018, has more than 10 million student users.

“We’ve created an integrated learning portfolio for our learners, and within that matrix, we see test-prep as a high potential growth driver,” said Gaurav Kumar, President, Corporate Development, upGrad.

“I’m confident that their day-on-day live delivery capabilities with 200+ teachers through its channel are set to redefine vernacular learning for a larger base of youth,” Kumar added.

Exampur provides more than 200 exam preparation courses for state and federal government employment, with the majority of the information being given through its YouTube channels for the UPSC, SSC, military, banking, and teaching positions.

With an average audience of 2.5 million students, Exampur has a cumulative subscriber base of over 12 million and is still expanding.

Tier 2, 3 and 4 markets make up over 90% of Exampur’s paying consumers.

Additionally, Exampur provides live scholarship examinations, free quizzes, and online test series.




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