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This Connected Fitness Bike is set to become India’s biggest health and wellness trend of 2021

New Delhi: In this COVID-era, where movement is restricted and venturing out is more out of necessity than choice, Health, immunity, and fitness have become the top concerns for everyone. To address these concerns, DIY Fitness Pvt. LTD. is launching a first of its kind, Synq.Fit Bike in India on Dec 15th, Tuesday. Lockdowns and social distancing measures have forced fitness and wellness to take a back seat with gyms either being closed or operating in a limited capacity. A solution to this situation is the Synq.Fit, and presently it is one of the best at-home exercising equipment that can meet your and your family’s lifetime fitness needs. The trend for home exercise is on the rise and the Synq.Fit bike will provide users with a whole new way of experiencing connected fitness in this digital world with a monthly subscription to trainer-led live workouts and archived workouts for up to 4 people in a household.

In the last few years, work from home has gained momentum in India, but this nature of work has also blurred the lines between personal and professional lives. While work from home is fabulous for work-life balance, it can lead to many fitness issues in individuals. I believe that technology has an answer for this situation,” said Pratik Sud, Co-Founder, Synq.Fit.

Synq.Fit bike is equipped with a Large  Interactive, Full HD Touchscreen Display along with Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity. The bike also comes with an on-demand video library of fitness routines, and the company will also be conducting live sessions every day. With features like zero noise belt drive and multilevel magnetic resistance Synq.Fit bike proves to be a great example of the combination of both technology and fitness. The Synq.The fit bike will also come with a 3-month free subscription to interactive, trainer-led live workouts and archived workouts for up to 4 people in a family/ household.

During this pandemic where any surface if unsanitized can be a source of infection, why be dependent on shared equipment at a gym when you can replicate your fitness routine in the comfort of your home with a wide range of interactive, trainer-led workouts streamed live on the Synq.Fit bike. Furthermore, the launch of the smart bike is in sync with the efforts of the fitness industry innovating to provide solutions for the health and safety concerns of the populace. These solutions are usually customized to match the work from a home lifestyle that has hit the peak since the pandemic but has been growing for the past few years.

Synq.Fit is the brainchild of three serial entrepreneurs, namely Pratik Sud, Rajat Sahni, and Sameer Joshi. Pratik Sud is the founder of Synq. Work a co-working firm and incubator. An alumnus of The University of Houston, he has previously founded two technology solutions – Doctor On Call and QuickDoc to help people find proper care.  Rajat Sahni has founded two of the most credible market research companies, namely, HBG knowledge services and TIP Knowledge services. An alumnus of IMT Ghaziabad, Sameer Joshi is the Founder and CEO at TIP Knowledge Services. Together, the three entrepreneurs have diverted their energies to bring a fitness movement in the country through the amalgamation of fitness, digital media, and technology.


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