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To further expand its business, Singapore-based Bluesheets raised US $1.5 M

Bluesheets, a Singapore-based data transformation platform, has secured US$1.5 million in a fundraising round headed by Investible, an Australian investment firm best known for being an early supporter of Canva.

In addition to Antler, 1982 Ventures, Kiplex Ventures, and Kistefos, the investment round included Antler, 1982 Ventures, Kiplex Ventures, and Kistefos.

The funds will be used to scale Bluesheets across all markets while continuing to expand its services to new customer groups, according to a news release.

Bluesheets automates enterprise accounting and enables financial automation for local and worldwide organizations using Artificial Intelligence (AI), categorization algorithms, and machine learning.

Christian Schneider, co-founder, and CEO of bluesheets, explained how the platform works: “Bluesheets connects tools like WhatsApp, your email inbox, or your revenue channels seamlessly with accounting platforms like Xero or Quickbooks and many other third-party apps. We provide input and export APIs for third-party platforms to plug into the system for greater interoperability and vertical integration within the Bluesheets ecosystem.”

The platform was created to address the issues that many organizations are experiencing today, such as the choice between manually processing important data and investing time and money in gaining access to it. It solves the problem by combining various functionalities into a single tool.

SMEs, accountancy firms, and major corporations are all clients of Bluesheets. It uses a self-serve SaaS model with a tiered subscription plan, as well as links to local financial platforms, POS platforms, and chat tools to provide customers with more connections.

Schneider and Clare Leighton founded the firm this year. They worked as executives at Uber, Rocket Internet, Delivery Hero, and Citi Group before founding Bluesheets.

Bluesheets claims to have recruited corporate and SME clients in over 10 countries since its start, with over 100 paying customers added in August. Its users included major businesses including Pizza Express, Osome, and Nextpay.


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