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TTA in collaboration with 500 Global selected 20 startups for Taiwan Accelerator

In collaboration with Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), a deep tech startup ecosystem, 500 Global, a US-based venture capital firm, has revealed its second batch of businesses for the demo day of its accelerator program, which will be conducted in Taiwan this year.

20 early stage firms will make presentations to a select group of business executives, industry experts, and partners on October 28. According to 500 Global, they have already created prototypes that have gained some interest.

Twelve firms from Taiwan and eight from outside were chosen out of 200 applicants. The latter are from Malaysia, Canada, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea, the US, and the UK. Over the course of eight weeks, the companies underwent extensive training, mentoring, and networking activities.

2.7 billion dollars in assets are being managed by 500 Global. Over 5,000 entrepreneurs representing 2,700 businesses operating in 81 countries have received funding from the company.




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