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Tunas Farm raises pre-seed funding

Indonesia: During the pandemic, there is a greater awareness among the public on the importance of nutrition, especially when it comes to building a proper immune system. Noticing this trend, Widya Surya Prayoga, Rudwiky Okta Putra, and Topaz Kumoro became inspired to start Tunas Farm, an Indonesian startup that integrates urban farming with technology.

Tunas Farm started off by building an indoor farming production facility in Gading Serpong, Banten province, using the hydroponic method. The startup caters to the B2C segment by implementing the farm-to-table concept that enables customers to enjoy the vegetables that they just farm themselves; their operations are also supported by their in-house logistics team.

Recently, in order to launch its business, Tunas Farm raises an undisclosed pre-seed funding round from Gayo Capital. The funding is meant to develop its IoT-based hydroponic farming system.

The Tunas Farm team is currently preparing its facility in Garding Serpong to become a production facility and an indoor display of vertical farming, which is scheduled to be completed in the near future. They are also set to build a similar facility in other areas and to provide training for home-based hydroponic farming.


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