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US firm acquired Egyptian AI-based healthcare startup DilenyTech

Astute Imaging LLC has acquired Egyptian deep technology healthcare startup DilenyTech, which is creating unique artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for screening and diagnostic radiology workflow.

DilenyTech, a breast cancer screening and diagnostic process company founded in 2018, seeks to revolutionise the industry by delivering new AI-based help for more accurate detection and faster reporting.

The company has given its services to top-tier worldwide health-tech firms with active users on three continents and has developed solutions for medical imaging analysis, breast cancer risk assessment, and structured reporting in a variety of medical applications.

DilenyTech has been bought by Astute Imaging, a supplier of imaging-guided therapy and procedure planning services, after receiving US $160,000 in grant money last year. Astute Imaging will be able to use AI to improve its present offering, extend services, and develop new medical imaging solutions as a result of the purchase.

“This strategic acquisition of DilenyTech will enable Astute Imaging to expedite the development of an AI-driven image-guided therapy platform and add more automation to our imaging services and procedure planning solutions,” said Wael Elseaidy, co-founder and CEO of Astute Imaging. “Empowering our surgery planning and patient follow-up imaging platforms with AI will help our customers and medical imaging stakeholders to provide more patient-centric proactive services.”

“We are excited to be part of Astute Imaging’s amazing team and adopt our expertise and technologies to build reliable AI technologies for imaging-guided therapy,” said Ahmed Ehab Mahmoud, DilenyTech founder and innovation director, who will be joining Astute Imaging’s founding team and managing the imaging operations.

“We have applied our technologies successfully in the area of breast imaging and we look forward to expanding our AI pipeline to other imaging areas such as thyroid, liver and gynaecology as well as cardiovascular 3D imaging and procedural planning. We believe Astute Imaging will be a gamechanger for healthcare providers and device companies.”




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