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Walzay launches in MENA

Dubai: Walzay, a talent marketplace focused on the future of work and remote roles has launched to help companies of all sizes compete for the best tech talent around the world.

Walzay is a full hiring solution, sourcing the best tech talent from all over the world and letting companies take through interviews, all the way to the job offer. The startup offers a full marketplace model for remote talent.

Humaira Khan, the founder of Walzay was previously one of the first hires at a successful NYC talent marketplace that grew from 10 to over 150 employees within 2 years.

One of the biggest problems MENA companies are facing from this shift to a tech market, Walzay believes is the lack of technical talent. Walzay plans to solve this by providing an easy way to find talent by “shopping” for pre-vetted candidates, ranging in different budgets, and automatically matching candidates to specific roles. They are building a global community of tech talent and companies.

The company’s mission is to unlock opportunities for talent from big cities, down to rural villages all based on skill, and for companies of all sizes to compete for the best talent, increasing innovation globally. During the pre-launch, Walzay already has over 10 active companies throughout the MENA region and over 800 candidate sign-ups from all over the world, mostly in MENA, the US, and Europe.



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