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Web3 platform and mobile App launched by LTD INC

LTD INC, a highly curated platform, launched its Web3 platform and mobile app allowing collectors to “Invest in Culture” while having verified ownership of highly sought-after digital treasures linked to real-world items and experiences.

Collectors will be able to scan the physical object to confirm instant authenticity and authenticate their edition number, as well as access special material, product information, experiences, passes, and benefits exclusively available to NFT owners, using the all-new LTD INC mobile app.

“LTD INC is forging partnerships with well-established blue-chip artists, brands, and creators to help them bridge the gap between the physical & virtual economies and launch top-tier NFT projects with proven business models. Our limited edition drops are designed to exist in real life and [digitally] in the metaverse and are merging the worlds of culture and blockchain technology, allowing us to tell richer product stories and offer our collectors highly elevated and immersive NFT experiences across the worlds of art, design, fashion, lifestyle, luxury, music, and sport” Daryl Kelly, CEO of LTD.INC said.

LTD.INC uses NFTs and the Ethereum blockchain to authenticate everything from conception to manufacturing, delivery, sale, and resale of limited-edition items, allowing creators – such as brands, musicians, athletes, artists, and designers – to manage and monetize the distribution of their IP through their secondary marketplace, which is set to launch in 2022 as part of the company’s phase 2 launch.




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