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Wix to bring ‘Digital Rise Program’ to schools in Philippines

Manila:, Ltd. (NASDAQ: WIX), the global leader in website creation, announced today the results of a first-of-its-kind project independently initiated by the Philippines Department of Education under Philippine’s “Digital Rise Program” that will bring e-learning curriculums to back-to-school programs starting in August.

“With COVID-19 restrictions in place, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and schools across the world experienced unprecedented transitions to operating exclusively online. This disruption was particularly devastating for schools, which had to pivot to full-time remote learning with little time to prepare,” said Dror Shaked, Senior Vice President at Wix. 

“In May 2020, amid the pandemic, tens of thousands of teachers and schools came together with a joint mission — to bring the Philippines education system online — and in only two days, 43,000 e-learning sites were created for schools to make available digital curricula online,” said Shaked.

As part of the growing movement to digitize schools, the Digital Rise Program will facilitate the transition to e-learning for the local schools and provide them with step-by-step support. This coordination will exclusively be handled by teachers and schools. Students will be able to access all of the e-learning content without having to log in and will only be able to consult the e-learning content available on the Wix websites.

To make this vision possible, all volunteers have been trained on their own platform by the education department and have created 43,000 sites for schools in the Philippines. These volunteers have set a standard for success, not only for the Philippines Department of Education, but also for other developing countries who are looking to improve their e-learning education curricula in the years to come.

“We are excited about this first-of-its kind digital education initiative for the Philippines Education Department because it sparks empowerment for all learners,” said Abram Abanil, ICTS Director. 

“A regular teacher has been able to create their site on Wix with zero coding experience in order to make their digital curriculum accessible. This is the future of education, and we are thrilled to provide access to educational content through Wix’s generous resources,” said Abanil.


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