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Work from home is bringing more productivity to the table

After the pandemic hit and with the sudden tightening of the rules, we saw a sudden shift from working out of the office to working from home. Even though it was an abrupt transition, employees have adjusted and settled in well with the concept of working from home. A study has shown that employees show more productivity while working from home and prefer it to working from the office.

According to Tech Talent outlook, WFH was imposed due to pandemic restrictions being placed, however, even though 2 years have passed by, WFH has become the most convenient option now. The study has revealed that 82% of working people prefer working from home rather than the office. Further, the study says that 64% of employees have admitted to being more productive while working from home. SCIKEY created the Talent Tech Outlook 2022, which summarizes the opinions of more than 100 C-suite human resource executives from four continents, using data from panel talks, polls, and social media.

Companies like Maruti Suzuki have adopted a methodology that promotes flexibility and efficiency in productivity regardless of the location of the employee. Even though government departments agreed to adopt and provide a 100% WFH option to employees in the units set up in Special Economic zones (SEZs), currently, IT companies working in SEZs can capacitate WFH to 50% of the employees.

The implementation of WFH is said to impact 2 million people working across over 350 SEZs, which contributes to over 25% of total exports from India. WFH will truly provide employees with the most convenient alternative, which is currently being taken into consideration by every business. The current status of employees is that if firms compel them to come to the office, they end up quitting their job.

According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the board of trade concentrated on defining export goals along with the next foreign trade policy and the strategies and actions to be implemented to advance domestic manufacturing and exports.




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