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Work, Life & Mental Health: Shift your Perspective with SYP Academy

As the world today faces difficulty in balancing life and work, obesity, mental instability, career confusion, relationship issues are on the rise. Microsoft revealed some data they gathered regarding the impact of the lock-down imposed “Work from Home” regime on office workers, and it is clear that work-life balance has suffered significantly from the move. Reports say there has been a 1,000 per cent increase in video calls, and an overall 30 per cent increase in meetings, with 30 per cent of them going over the scheduled time, and a 200 per cent increase in team chats on weekends.

Sagar Y Pagar – Founder of SYP Academy

“Humans reside in a place called the Universe. The eleme our bodies. Such a beautiful phenomenon,” this interesting statement has made me think in multitudes. This phrase is said by the man annts that make up space are present ind mentor Sagar Y. Pagar who is the Founder of the SYP Academy.

He plucked all the difficulties faced in work and life categorically and unleashed the nectar of solution in his courses. He offers free online courses for Life related problems. Out of 11 courses, 6 are available for everyone at no charge.

His Academy is a parallel stream of education that provides varied courses on subjects of Work and Life via live online streaming. The USP of the academy is the short span of all of its free courses like Obesity, Depression & Anxiety, Career, Relationships, Addictions which delivers a lasting effect. There are chargeable subjects as well such as Entrepreneurship, Mind & Life Engineering and more on aspects of Work with dedicated courses at the SYP Academy. Wake Up from COVID is another most trending course at the academy.

Sagar believes in the mystics and practicality of life. There are moments, emotions, conditions, actions and reactions. At whatever time you are reading this article, on whichever date, look at that date, time and understand that some part of life has passed and the rest is yet to unveil. In the later part there might be negativity, problems, tension, depression, challenges and a lot more. There is a simple solution – “correction”. Now correction is not a button but a methodical process which he teaches in his Academy. He wants to teach and train the mind of every individual. He has travelled this path with this belief and has proven incidences.

Sagar began his first venture in 1996 and has been an entrepreneur since then with 6 established brands. Having worked in so many varied fields with people of different temperaments and personalities has brought its own learning curve through the journey. The entire syllabus of the courses is written by him personally in the last 3 months of the lockdown. The Academy was digitally unveiled on July by Hon. Shri Subhash Desai-State Minister of Industries & Mining. He supported the academy and showed faith in the mentor and his subjects on live streaming.

To register for majority of free courses or know more about the academy log on to For more information on the founder & mentor log on to

About SYP Academy

SYP Academy is a new Mumbai based online coaching platform. It provides online group and personalised courses on various topics related to Health, Fitness, Work, Life, Wellness, Business and more. Sagar Y. Pagar is the Mentor & Founder of the SYP Academy.


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