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Zoho projecting 250-bed hospital in TN

Chennai: India’s home-grown SaaS giant Zoho has recently announced that the company is projecting a 250-bed hospital in Kattankulathur district, Tamil Nadu.

Zoho aims to make healthcare available to rural neighbourhoods by venturing into the healthcare space.

According to an official statement by Zoho, the hospital will have a built-up area of 2.6 lakh sq ft and an area to bed ratio of 1,000 sq ft with self-contained facilities. The hospital will eventually be the centre from where complex healthcare will be provided in rural and non-urban areas using Haptic and similar technologies.

The hospital will be overseen by Zoho’s Medical Director, Dr Balachander Govindarajan,. It will reflect a synergy between analogue clinical skills and digital tools. A healing environment, holistic patient care, and a dynamic continuity of care before, during and after any hospitalization, will all be incorporated into the system design.

The company will also invest in integrated medical software and hardware technology with an initial investment of INR 70 crore.

The project is expected to complete within the next 12 to 16 months.


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