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Zoom piloting drone projects in India

In an interview with a newspaper Sameer Raje general manager & head of Zoom said that it is currently piloting projects in India taking drone usage a step further. These drones will be used for geographical mapping and geographical surveys along with helping police agencies to look for missing people. Zoom will also come into use to monitor plants, factories, pipelines, ports, etc.

Zoom is looking for new use cases with drone footage turning video conferencing into a collaboration platform. In the United States Zoom is being used by law enforcement agencies to collect the live feed from various teams dispatched which are then transmitted back to the control room. “By integrating Zoom with drone footage, body cam including other physical components, public safety departments can reduce risk to team members while increasing visibility and situational awareness” stated Zoom on its website.

Zoom Events, recently launched in India merging Zoom Meetings, Webinars, and Team Chat making it a one-stop solution for event organizers. It was launched in 2021 and has had over 7,000 users with an average of 150 events in a day. Zoom also hosted Zoomtopia in 2021 with more than 30,000 virtual participants on Zoom Event.




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