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Customer engagement firm Activeo Singapore acquired by Toku to grow APAC operations

The Southeast Asia operations of Activeo, a top customer experience (CX) consulting company with its headquarters in France, will be acquired by Toku, a dedicated cloud communications provider with headquarters in Singapore.

However, the acquisition’s financial details weren’t made public.

Toku said in a statement that the acquisition of Activeo Singapore is a crucial component of its regional expansion strategy as it establishes more local offices throughout Asia Pacific (APAC).

Toku anticipates significant year-over-year growth in 2023 thanks to the addition of Activeo Singapore to its portfolio.

The combined team formed as a result of the acquisition will grow to more than 110 personnel to accommodate this growth.

Customers looking for reliable and dependable regional technology partners, from government institutions to private businesses, will find comfort in this commitment for long-term growth in APAC.

A physical presence in Malaysia and an improvement to Toku’s channel program are also part of the expansion’s plans to enable more partners to share customer success stories.

Toku will also be better able to help new and current customers who want to expand regionally with regulatory compliance and data residency requirements in the region’s local markets because it is an APAC-first organization.

Toku will broaden its value proposition and provide a holistic approach to delivering the contact center of the future, while simultaneously alleviating their customers’ CX pain points at scale, armed with Activeo Singapore’s demonstrated track record of guiding end-to-end digital transformation journeys for customers.

“By combining forces, we will unlock bigger opportunities and better meet the needs of our customers in Singapore and Asia Pacific,” said Thomas Laboulle, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Toku.

He claims that this acquisition is beneficial to both parties and will help the group maintain its position as a premier provider of CX solutions while allowing it to serve customers in the region with greater scale and efficiency.

“In today’s macroeconomic climate, global technology companies based mostly in the United States or Europe have adopted a cautious outlook, scaling down investments in APAC to prioritize markets closer to their homes,

“But the region’s digital economy continues to grow, and there is a tremendous opportunity for APAC-first companies like Toku to fill this gap and boldly advance and accelerate our regional growth as others retreat,” he added.

With a well-established commercial presence in the city-state, Activeo Singapore currently supports the digital transformation projects of over 150 customers, including 19 governmental organizations and 65% of the country’s healthcare facilities.

Activeo Singapore has been collaborating with Toku as an independent partner to deliver successful CX transformation projects to numerous customers in the nation for the past 12 months. To fully realize the synergies of their partnership, this acquisition is a logical next step for both parties.

Toku is a technology provider that creates digital solutions to power the essential components of contemporary customer experiences.




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