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For making driving range boasts, Tesla fined $2.2 M in Korea

According to Reuters, Tesla is poised to get a punishment from South Korea of roughly US $2.2 million for allegedly inflating the range of its electric cars (EVs).

According to the Korea Fair Trade Commission, the Elon Musk-led corporation failed to inform customers about the reduced range of their vehicles during cold weather. The regulator revealed that Tesla cars’ operating range in colder climates might drop by 50.5% from what the US company promised.

According to the research, a local consumer organization called Citizens United for Consumer Sovereignty discovered in 2021 that Tesla’s offers were the most negatively impacted by this trend, with most EVs’ effective ranges dropping by 40% in colder temperatures.

Tesla just announced that in the last quarter of 2022, it delivered a record 405,278 vehicles. It nonetheless fell short of Wall Street’s forecast of 431,117 automobiles.

After stepping up its employment efforts in the nation, Tesla also launched its most recent Asian expansion in Thailand last month. By Q1 2023, the business hopes to deliver its first vehicles to the nation.




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