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Illumina Accelerator led funding raised by SA AI-based biotech startup BixBio

BixBio, a South African AI-based biotech startup, has been chosen as one of seven genomics businesses to participate in the Illumina Accelerator’s third worldwide investment round.

It takes a long time and a lot of effort to find disease-causing genetic variations and new therapeutic targets. Precision medicine and pharmaceutical firms producing medications face distinct obstacles due to the multi-variant nature of complicated hereditary disorders.

BixBio uses its own AI platform to enhance the curation of big genetic datasets and the discovery of disease-causing genetic variations and new therapeutic targets.

The firm obtained money from the OneBio accelerator in South Africa earlier this year, and it has now secured cash from the Illumina Accelerator, which is administered by the Silicon Valley-based Illumina for Startups. Illumina created the accelerator in 2014, with the goal of developing an innovation ecosystem for the genomics sector via collaboration with prominent venture capital investors and entrepreneurs.

BixBio has developed an early prototype and will create a beta version of their gene variant detection tool during the Illumina Accelerator in preparation for a commercial launch in Q2 next year. The company will spend the next six months in the United States, making use of Illumina Accelerator’s experience, networks, and worldwide reach.




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