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Indonesia’s legal tech startup Hukumku raised funding from East Ventures

Tuesday saw the completion of funding led by East Ventures, a sector-agnostic venture capital in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, for Hukumku, an Indonesia-based legal tech startup with a focus on legal consultation and services. With the platform set to launch in November 2023, the funding will be used to speed up product development and marketing initiatives.

“We are grateful for the support of East Ventures in our mission to democratize and revolutionize legal access in Indonesia. Their belief in our vision reinforces our commitment to harnessing technology to make legal services accessible for all. With a passion for innovation and a strong background in the legal space, I am confident that Hukumku can reshape the future of legal services in Indonesia and beyond,” said Fritz Hutapea, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hukumku in a statement.

Hukumku was the result of the combined vision of Fritz Hutapea, the company’s chief executive officer, who has ten years of experience in the legal sector, Michael Jagadpramana, its chief operating officer, who has more than five years of invaluable startup experience, and Glorio Yulianto, its chief marketing officer, who is well-known for his impressive track record in the advertising tech startup world.

They became aware of the urgent problem of many Indonesians’ limited access to legal services at critical times. A lack of information and transparency added to the accessibility issue, creating the perception that legal advice is expensive and overly complicated. As the competition is frequently based on connections or referrals, lawyers also encounter difficulties securing clients.

The delivery and access to legal services in Indonesia could be revolutionized and made more democratic with the help of Hukumku. Users can connect with lawyers that Hukumku has carefully vetted using the platform it offers.

The platform gives users access to crucial data they need to find the best lawyers for their needs. Information like the lawyer’s profile, practice license, areas of expertise, location, and user ratings and reviews are included in this. Additionally, Hukumku places a high priority on transparency by informing users of the costs associated with legal services. This helps users to know what to expect.

“Our commitment extends beyond just serving the users, Hukumku is equally focused on opening lawyers’ access to the users and levelling the playing field. We are dedicated to improving transparency, accessibility, and affordability within the Indonesian legal industry,” Fritz added.

In order to provide a comprehensive one-stop solution for legal needs, Hukumku aims to introduce a ground-breaking solution that offers a wide range of services. Additionally, Hukumku will provide free educational materials and seminars on a range of subjects related to legal services and the most recent hot topics. The objective is to inform and enlighten the audience about legal jargon and procedures so they can avoid misunderstandings and inaccurate information.




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