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Speech AI startup Contiinex raised $2 M Pre-Series A funding from VC firms

Two venture capital firms with a focus on technology, YourNest and Refex Capital, have contributed $2 million to the pre-Series A round of funding for the speech AI startup Contiinex.

According to a press release from Contiinex, the company intends to use the funds to bolster its technology team and increase its market share in the US.

In December 2020, Prateek Mehta and Vijay Krishna BS founded Contiinex with the goal of capturing the English-speaking global speech market. Contiinex claims to have already had an impact in the healthcare and insurance sectors with its proprietary speech-to-text engine and LLM-driven Contiinex Open Framework for Insights (COFI).

For businesses in India, the US, and Australia, the startup has transformed the customer experience, increased business productivity, and drive cost optimization. It enables businesses to better understand their customers and make strategic business decisions by accurately and effectively analyzing voice files.

In order to address the space of unstructured data across all mediums like voice, chat, email, videos, and visuals, the brand is also considering expanding its Gen AI product offerings. Contiinex will broaden its horizons to other verticals like banking, retail, and utilities with its internal LLM capabilities to perform generative AI.




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