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Ola Co-Founder Ankit Bhati launches SaaS startup Amnic

 Ankit Bhati, the Co-Founder of Ola, has launched his new venture, a Software as a Service (SaaS) startup, called Amnic. Ankit Bhati is known to have played an instrumental role in helping Ola grow as a company, but he had decided to quit the startup in the year 2018.

Commenting on this, Ankit Bhati, Founder, Amnic, said, “So, emotionally, my mind is 10 steps ahead and my language is trying to catch up with that. As a co-founder, especially as a CTO, there comes a time when we have to do a lot of soul searching and prove where all the investments are going, but we won’t be able to quantify, finally, I have found the right platform for it. It will drive objectivity to the engineering function, which is missing so far.”

He further added, “Tech and cloud spending is one of the huge costs in a startup, in fact in any startup today. As a CTO, I always wanted feedback on the tech spends, whether it is used properly, whether it is helping the company’s revenues.”

The Bengaluru based startup, Amnic, was launched in 2021, founded by Ankit Bhati and co-founders Satya Nagaranjan and Nimish Joshi. Amnic has received a funding of $15 million from angel investors and investors which include Peak XV partners, Gokul Rajaram, and Latentview Analytics founder, Venkat Viswanathan.

Bhati expressed, “We wanted to wait till the business scaled up more but the opportunity came at a time when we least expected it and we thought it will be helpful to build the business further”.


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