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Platform launched by Nigeria’s Blueroomcare to connect users with therapists

Licensed therapists may now be reached quickly and affordably via a platform created by the Nigerian business Blueroomcare.

Blueroomcare, which was introduced around the end of last year, enables customers to speak with therapists through voice, video, and in-app messaging.

The inspiration for Blueroomcare came from Aiyenuro’s personal depressive episode in 2020 after skipping a test.

“I couldn’t reach out to people because I didn’t want to be labelled as someone who is sick, but what surprised me the most was when I did a little research with almost 100 young people. Eighty per cent of the respondents had been through emotional distress, with more than 60 percent admitting they could not open up because of the stigma,” he said. “That really motivated me to provide a solution to this big issue.”

Aiyenuro believes Blueroomcare, the solution, has a sizable addressable market.

“Nigeria is in a mental health crisis. One in four Nigerians suffer from mental illness, but help is hampered by tight budgets and a lack of skilled staff,” he said.

“With the stigma attached to mental health and the scarcity of mental health professionals and the high cost of treatment, it is practically impossible to access care in a timely way. We are not only making care accessible but we make sure the care we provide is effective and affordable to the common Nigerian.”

In order to expand, Blueroomcare, which has only been supported by grants, has formed a number of important alliances. By the end of the year, it wants to have 1,000 users, and according to Aiyenuro, Nigeria will continue to be its primary market.




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