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Nigerian payment network Kudi changed its name to Nomba

As it converts into an omnichannel payment platform that provides tools to help businesses flourish, Nigerian fintech firm Kudi has changed its name to Nomba.

Kudi, founded by Yinka Adewale and Pelumi Aboluwarin in 2017, allows underbanked and unbanked Nigerians to use their agent network to obtain basic financial services including as money transfers, bill payments, and cash withdrawals.

The firm, now known as Nomba, has expanded its offerings to include easy-to-use business solutions for accepting, processing, and managing payments both online and offline for all types of enterprises. These technologies will provide a separate entrance into the digital economy for more enterprises of all sizes across Africa, while also allowing them to optimise their operations.

Nomba wants to expand the use of its POS terminals across the country over the next six months, providing more businesses access to technology that provides real-time supervision of all company activities, whether they are a one-man operation or a large corporation, all on one dashboard. It also intends to expand its product offerings to include invoicing, payroll administration, and other company efficiency tools.

Jeffrey Williams has been named vice president of business, and Toluwani Ijogun has been named vice president of brand, marketing, and communications, to help the company grow.

“Since our launch in 2017, our technology and insights have enabled merchants to earn and build successful businesses, transforming their own lives and that of others. Today, complimentary regulatory frameworks and well-thought-out partnerships with financial institutions have synergised to create an enabling environment for fintechs to chart the future of payments, making access to digital payment solutions ubiquitous,” said Adewale.

“Over the next five years, we will be leveraging these factors, as well as the experience and expertise Jeff and Tolu bring to deepen the penetration of digital payment solutions across the country, making payments easier for everyone.”




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