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VI partners with Ericsson India with a vision of setting up Robotic Labs across the country

Vi foundation, the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) arm of Vodafone Idea has partnered up with Ericson India. They have set up a robotic lab in Pune to support students from classes 6th to 9th to guide them through their first experiences of the world of new technologies.

In recent times, several government schools have come up with the initiative of setting up Robotic Labs, and STEM labs for example the PU college which also has a high school attached to it. In these PU colleges, the science stream was introduced only in the year 2011. Currently, about 350 students are studying in the PU section and about 250 of them are studying in the high school section of the institute. The college has set up a science lab which caters to children studying from classes 8th to 12th. The idea of a Robotic lab makes more sense as the visual representation of the knowledge helps children learn better. The amount of practicality it offers to students is tremendous which helps the individual grow.

As of now, Vi and Ericsson’s partnership has decided to open 6 Robotic Labs in several states. The aim to open up these labs is to make sure that the children who do not have access to digitalization are given the kind of resources they require. They plan to open up labs in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, and Karnataka.

These labs are equipped with resources and equipment that will assist the students to bring their imagination into reality which includes: robotic kits, 3D printers, laptops, and a projector. A fully equipped digital lab has been set up in a way where it assists students to get a better experience of the new technologies and programming. These labs will aim to provide quality education as well as employment opportunities especially in the field of Technology, Engineering, Science, and Mathematics.

Vi Chief Regulatory and Corporate Affairs Officer P Balaji said “Leveraging technology for good is key to our social development agenda. At a time when we are advancing towards a new Digital India, preparing our children to be part of the future workforce and aiding their economic and personal growth is of utmost importance. As one significant step in this direction, we are happy to partner with Ericsson to set up Digital Labs across six Indian states. Our Lab in Pune will help expose young minds to coding and robotics, spark creativity, stimulate critical thinking, and open up a world of opportunities leading to a brighter future for them and for the nation.”

Vice President Amarjeet Singh, Sales of Ericsson said “The launch of 5G services in India has set the foundation for realizing the Digital India vision, and investing in building a future-ready workforce is a critical first step. We are excited to partner with Vi Foundation in setting up Digital Labs in schools across several states in India to develop the digital skills of students. This marks the first of the many labs that will equip thousands of students with the digital skills that will drive India’s economic growth”.




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