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100X.VC led $185K Seed funding secured by online reputation management platform Rannkly

A $185,000 seed round led by 100X.VC with participation from Riziliant Technologies has been raised for Rannkly, an online reputation management platform.

Rannkly claims that the money will be used primarily for sales and technology advancement. In order to give businesses access to cutting-edge features and a seamless user experience, it seeks to further improve the platform’s capabilities. In order to increase its customer base and promote growth, the business will also intensify its sales efforts.

By centralizing the monitoring, analysis, and response processes, Rannkly’s AI-driven platform equips businesses to simplify their online reputation management. Businesses can easily create and schedule interactive posts using a single dashboard, enhancing their online presence and client engagement.

With the platform’s Whatsapp QR CODE feature, users can quickly access a WhatsApp chatbot for assistance with a variety of tasks, reducing the manual efforts of both the organization and the customer.

Using a class-based investment model, 100X.VC recently disclosed that it had invested in 22 startups through Class 09. AbCoffee, Airbook, Bansiwala, and BreatheESG are a few of the noteworthy startups in Class 9. Rannkly was also included in the group.




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