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Avaana Climate Fund led $3.6 M funding received by EV startup Kazam

The $3.6 million investment was made in Kazam, a software platform for electric mobility, in a round that was organized by Avaana Climate Fund.

According to a press release from Kazam, the company intends to use the funds raised to expand the platform’s offerings to its current customers by putting money into the product and technology teams.

The device-independent e-mobility software platform Kazam, co-founded by Akshay Shekhar and Vaibhav Tyagi, enables EV charging and swapping operators in India and abroad with its e-mobility enterprise software that aids operators in controlling, managing, and analyzing their fueling assets. Through Kazam’s partnership with numerous tier-1 EV OEMs, operators can now generate revenue demand thanks to the platform’s recent expansion.

In addition to developing its flagship EV fueling platform, Kazam claims to be working to create a one-stop e-mobility software platform that will digitalize every step of the value chain, from managing energy on the grid to refueling EVs to managing a fleet.

Many different types of vehicles, including 2W, CEV 3W, city buses for local transportation, and more, use Kazam’s software to manage EV fueling. According to Kazam, it currently manages 7,000 charging stations and has an immediate plan to integrate 60,000 charging and swapping stations with its operating system over the course of the following 14–15 months. It also has plans to grow even more in markets abroad, such as the USA, where it currently collaborates with two charge point operators who look after 3,000 vehicles.

Over 60 charge point operators, including major e-commerce firms, 2W OEMs, and third-party logistics firms, are made possible in India by Kazam.




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