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Biotech startup CrisprBits raised $250k Pre-seed funding from VJ Group

Pre-seed funding for the biotechnology business CrisprBits totalled $250,000. The investment was led by the US-based VJ Group.

According to a news statement from CrisprBits, the money will be used for product development, staff growth, and research and development.

Vijay Chandru, Sunil Arora, Dr. Rajeev Kohli, Bharat Jobanputra, and Aditya Sarda founded CrisprBits in 2020 with the goal of creating affordable, high-quality medical solutions for diagnostics and gene editing for all Indians. The business intends to expand its CRISPR-based diagnostics platform to include pathogen and antibiotic-resistance gene point-of-care identification for illnesses acquired in hospitals.

In recent years, researchers have employed CRISPR, which bacteria use to defend themselves against invading viruses, to create treatments and other biotechnological goods for the fields of human, plant, and microbial bio-engineering.

The startup with offices in Delhi and Bengaluru claims that these three guiding principles guide its operations: using deep science to deliver high-quality products; upholding the highest ethical standards, including in the selection of products; and building an organisation that attracts exceptional people from a variety of backgrounds and affinities. It also states to have a lab in Bengaluru’s leading biotechnology innovation incubator, C-CAMP.

According to CrisprBits, it has created OmniCrisp, a CRISPR-based test to find out if SARS-CoV2 is an Omicron or non-omicron variation in addition to detecting it. In its rivalry, it faces companies like Biocon, Sea6 Energy, MedGenome, Bharat Biotech, GANIT Labs, and Forus Health.




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