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CamCom AI Revolutionizes Defect and Damage Assessment in Auto Industry, an AI platform for Quality Assurance, are the pioneers of defect and damage assessment solutions in the automotive industry. Their new solution provides contactless, objective, and cost-effective assessment in a matter of minutes. The platform is poised to be an imperative solution in the post COVID world to future proof enterprise quality processes.

Ajith Nayar Co-founder & CMO of

According to Ajith Nayar, Co-founder & CMO of CamCom, “Deep Tech, Big Data and AI are not just a top priority, but the way of the future. Sectors that are labour intensive require this edge to transform digitally. Earlier, most quality checks in the Auto Industry mandated a manual inspection subject to human interaction and error. In the time of COVID-19, one can do it remotely through our Computer Vision platform, thereby minimizing the risk, reducing the margin of error and generating revenue for Enterprises.”

CamCom’s Hyper Intelligent quality assurance platform helps to drive efficiencies across the automotive value chain, from manufacturing, service, motor insurance and the used cars sector.

CamCom’s AI solution eliminates human subjectivity from the quality control process by using a computer vision stack. Bespoke rigs with high-end machine-vision cameras are used for production/ logistics and deployed on mobile devices for after-market solutions. CamCom’s technology ensures high throughput and delivers super-fast and auditable results.

In the motor Insurance sector, CamCom provides self-inspection models for spot settlement of claims and instant premium calculation for break-in policy renewals. These are deployed through integration into insurance company app for customer, surveyor app or web app link sent by SMS.

In the used cars sector, CamCom provides an automatic visual health check report for true value assessment and provides a single source of truth visual audit trail for service centers to enable upsell opportunities.

CamCom is an AI platform for automated quality assurance. Currently catering to the Automotive industry, CamCom aims to be the Hyper Intelligent quality assurance partner of choice for enterprises, across the globe.

  • An award-winning start-up recognized around the world for providing disruptive solutions to the Automotive Industry
  • A pioneer in leveraging CV and associated technologies in the quality assurance process
  • A provider of solutions that have become imperative in the post COVID world to future proof QC processes
  • A strong team of recognized thought leaders and technologists in the AI space

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