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Headline Asia backed $6.6 M Pre-Series B funding secured by Jenfi

With the help of Headline Asia, the Singapore-based fintech company Jenfi was able to raise $6.6 million in a successful Pre-Series B fundraising round.

According to a statement released by Jenfi on Tuesday, the round included participation from Monk’s Hill Ventures, ICU Ventures, Granite Oak, Korea Investment Partners & Golden Equator Capital, Atlas Ventures, as well as other current early investors.

With the additional capital, Jenfi hopes to further establish itself as a top fintech lender for startup online companies in industries like e-commerce, software as a service (SAAS), and consumer technology.

The fintech company intends to expand into new markets throughout Southeast Asia, bringing its cutting-edge financing solutions to a wider range of digital businesses and assisting in the development of the region’s digital economy. It also plans to strengthen its current market presence in Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia by growing its customer base and developing closer relationships with them.

The additional funds will also enable Jenfi to advance technologically and improve the speed and precision of its credit underwriting and risk assessment capabilities.

This gives the business the ability to recognize new opportunities, better serve its current customers, and natively integrate its credit decisions and underwriting system with platform partners.

“We are honoured to be backed by such a distinguished group of investors as we strive to push the boundaries of innovation in the fintech lending industry,

“This funding will enable us to expedite our vision for Jenfi and expand our offerings to a broader customer base across the region,” said Jeffrey Liu, Co-Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Jenfi.

Jenfi is a financial technology company founded by Jeffrey Liu and Justin Louie that offers analytics and revenue-based financing to digital native businesses in Southeast Asia.

The fintech company, which markets itself as Growth Capital as a Service (GCaaS), offers more flexible funding options to digitally native businesses looking to scale, enabling them to increase their marketing, inventory, and growth expenditures.

A proprietary risk assessment engine created by Jenfi can assess a company’s creditworthiness as well as the effectiveness of its marketing growth strategy.

Its non-dilutive financing is incredibly adaptable and tailored to the needs of each specific business.

More than 600 businesses have benefited from Jenfi’s investment of more than $25 million in their growth, which has fueled the growth of the digital economy.




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