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Iglobsys Technology acquired Mason Games for $1 M

For US $1 million, Iglobsys Technology, a Malaysian business specialising in big data analytics and blockchain, purchased Mason Games, a mobile game development firm.

The business stated that the acquisition will support Mason Games’ aspirations to launch its first blockchain game project. Later this year, it also plans to open an office for game production in Vietnam.

Mason Games is an Asian-inspired maker of idle and casual strategy games that was established in July 2021. Scoopy, Monkey Madness, and Math Cat Boxing are a few of its titles.

The purchase would “carve out greater market footprints in mobile gaming, especially in Southeast Asia,” according to Mason Games founder and CEO Daryl Lau.

The purchase, according to Jackie Chong, head of Iglobsys Technology, offers the company an excellent chance to break into the consumer market since it “has the ability to build a huge database of customers within a short period.”

Iglobsys Technology was founded in 2018 to assist clients in enhancing company efficiency and competitiveness. It is present in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore.




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