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In Kenya and Nigeria, CcHub announced $15 M ed-tech accelerator program

In order to create a US $15 million ed-tech accelerator project in Kenya and Nigeria, Co-Creation Hub has announced a new cooperation with the Mastercard Foundation under the Mastercard Foundation Ed-Tech Fellowship Programme.

In order to hasten the use of social capital and technology for economic development, Co-creation Hub (CcHub) opened Nigeria’s first public living lab in 2010 for engineers, entrepreneurs, tech businesses, investors, and hackers.

Since then, the hub has grown to encompass a broader network of pan-African innovation enablers, including the CcHub Design Lab in Rwanda, iHub and eLimu in Kenya, Growth Capital by CcHub, and CcHub Syndicate.

Co-Creation Hub is beginning an accelerator program in partnership with Mastercard to promote and boost the impact of 72 ed-tech entrepreneurs in Kenya and Nigeria over the course of the next three years. Educator technology businesses who are chosen will receive money and consulting services to help them scale their present operations for greater impact.

Further to offering specialized professional teams to assist participants in product development, government relations, pedagogy, and learning science, CcHub will also provide early cash to the chosen firms.

The collaboration is a part of the Mastercard Foundation’s larger Ed-Tech Fellowship Program, which aims to assist ed-tech businesses working in Africa that are tackling issues with learning in K–12, higher education, and vocational training.

In order to solve many of Africa’s long-standing issues, which have impacted enrollment, quality, and availability of suitable educational alternatives for the continent’s youthful people, it is anticipated that these solutions will form a crucial and essential element of the response.

The application period for CcHub’s accelerator program is now open. Selected applicants will go through many rounds of screening to check their compatibility with the program’s founders and solutions before being further evaluated for scalability and long-term potential. The partners are also encouraging female-led companies to apply.

Organizations that are interested may apply for the Nigerian program until March 17, and for the Kenyan program until March 21.




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