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Innovation hub focused on circular plastic economy launched by Nigeria’s CcHub

In an effort to nurture the culture of innovation in universities in the circular plastic economy sector, Nigeria’s Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) has developed the Circular Plastic Economy Innovation Hub (CPIEHub).

CPIEHub was founded in collaboration with the Pan African University Life and Earth Sciences Institute (PAULESI) and De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) with the goal of fostering a thriving ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in the circular plastic economy among Nigerian students, entrepreneurs, and researchers.

The British Council is funding CPIEHub, which will be established up across multiple Nigerian universities as part of the Innovation for African Universities (IAU) programme. Its mission is to act as a hub for circular plastic economy research, cooperation, and incubation, with the goal of speeding up transitions to a circular economy and encouraging student creativity.




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