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Korean venture fund led seven-figure investment received by Decentralised Gaming Ventures

A seven-figure investment round led by the Korean venture fund Hashed has been announced by Decentralised Gaming Ventures, a web3 game developer based in Singapore.

Decentralised Gaming Ventures said in a statement that the investment supports the company’s vision to advance the careers of up-and-coming game developers throughout Southeast Asia (SEA) by purchasing independent studios and assisting with the development of their games as well as providing access to intellectual property (IP) and committed mentoring.

“We’re at the very beginning of a journey to transform game development across the region by giving promising young game makers access to capital, community, mentorship, blockchain technology protocol, co-development capabilities, and major IP access,” said Samson Oh, Chief Executive Officer of Decentralised Gaming Ventures.

“Our mission is to create an ecosystem where top development talents across SEA are supported in their quest to build blockchain-based web3 games, which we believe represent the future of the games industry,

“Through the support of Hashed, we’re delighted to further build out our vision and cement this region as a hotbed for forward-thinking, visionary game developers,” he added.

Decentralised Gaming Ventures, a cutting-edge Web3 game venture builder that redefines game publishing, was founded in 2021.

The company uses blockchain technology and the power of digital ownership to revolutionize the gaming experience and free independent developers from the constraints of conventional publishing.

The company works closely with developers to amplify, grant access to, and expand their own IPs, creating captivating gaming experiences that resonate globally. This is done in recognition of the creative potential of independent games and the value of strong intellectual property (IP).

In addition to investments, partnerships, media exposure, and helpful communities, its extensive network offers independent developers a wealth of resources and opportunities.

Decentralised Gaming Ventures was founded with the fundamental goal of making Southeast Asia a hub for game development talent and accelerating the spread of web3 games in the area.

32 new game developers (representing eight teams) have already been hosted by the venture builder at its Singapore studio, which serves as an incubator for teams to prototype, iterate, and release new games onto the market.

The venture builder has helped launch 15 games just in the past 12 months.

Access to well-known entertainment IP is another way to help regional game developers.

Decentralized Gaming Ventures has previously collaborated on a variety of projects with companies like Mighty Jaxx, a Singapore-based toy and collectibles company.

Derrick Sim, a gaming executive, and former Scopely SEA General Manager, has joined the company as Chief Operating Officer to advance its IP partnership strategy.




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