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Malaysia’s ReSkills received US $1.5 M to expand throughout Southeast Asia

ReSkills, a live-learning platform based in Malaysia, has raised US $1.5 million in a round-headed by JSF Platinum and other undisclosed angel investors.

The funds will be used to develop ReSkills’ global operations, particularly in Southeast Asia. In August 2021, Indonesia became the first ReSkills Hub, followed by the Philippines in September, Thailand and Vietnam in November, and India in December.

“There will certainly be geographical growth as we look to take on more coaches under our wing. Having said that, we also aim to reach out to one hundred million learners by 2025,” said Tan.

ReSkills is a live learning platform that allows instructors to create online courses on their favourite topics. It was founded in 2020. Its target age group is 15 to 35 years old, and it concentrates on education-based services in Southeast Asia.

In the e-learning area, Tan compared ReSkills to the Netflix model, in which customers may subscribe and study anything offered on the site.

“Our goal is to make online learning highly interactive and led by experts. Learners can gain much more at a lower cost for 365-day subscription access to unlimited learning content in the platform,” said ReSkills CEO Jin Tan.

Its OnLive courses are divided into three categories: personal development, professional advancement, and business entrepreneurship. ReSkills also connects learners with expert coaches through real-time online lessons.

The organization’s distinctive selling feature, according to the corporation, is the two-way learning process, in which students may ask questions, get explanations, and challenge the instructors.

Within the first year of operation, ReSkills claims to have worked with governments, organizations, universities, colleges, schools, associations, and training providers to reskill and upskill over 100,000 registered learners.

ReSkills claims to have extended its instructor network to 169 individuals from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and India since its beginning. In addition, the company claims to have provided 300 OnLive sessions and over a thousand learning hours in five languages.

According to HolonIQ, about $480 million has been granted to over 200 Southeast Asian edutech businesses in the previous five years, as of 2020. Since the pandemic has expedited the adoption of e-learning, SEA edutech has piqued the eye of international investors, despite the fact that the area has yet to produce any unicorns in this field.




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