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Online Workouts are the New Normal: INFS Founder Jyoti Dabas

Online fitness apps & trainers have been out there for some time now. Initially, the bend was towards in-person training sessions that happened across gyms, yoga studios, etc. But now, since the COVID-19 crisis took shape, an unprecedented surge has been observed – both in terms of people who need online workouts; and individuals, who view this as an opportunity to build their fitness & nutrition training career.

Jyoti Dabas – Founder, INFS

Sharing about the current situation in the industry Institute of Nutrition & Fitness Sciences (INFS), Founder Jyoti Dabas said that online workouts are the new normal for people.

INFS was Founded by Jyoti Dabas, an IIM-Calcutta & University of Warwick alumna. She started out as a corporate banker & management consultant, soon after her MBA. She is also a Doctor of Naturopathy and certified in Personal Training.

According to Ms. Dabas, “Where professional fitness certifications cost upwards of 40k, INFS courses are priced at 50% of that amount. Despite the world class knowledge on offer, this is possible because we believed and developed our online model sustainably over the last 4 years. Our students usually earn back their course costs within a month of acquiring clients and get lifetime free access to their course content.”

According to the Institute of Nutrition & Fitness Sciences (INFS), the company observed their sales grow 45% since the COVID crisis started, which was 70% above last year’s Q1 sales. The company attributes this surge to the growing trend of “Quarantraining” – that is, working out from home, as first highlighted by a leading newspaper.

The British PM, Boris Johnson, described his time in hospital as a “wake-up call“, writing in the British newspaper, The Daily Express. “I go up and down, but during the whole coronavirus epidemic and when I got it too, I realized how important it is not to be overweight,” he stated.

INFS enables online fitness professionals to be placed on leading health platforms like FITTR – the world’s largest community of over 800k+ members globally, backed by Sunil Shetty. The company offers online professional courses in Nutrition, Fitness and Exercise Science. They have world renowned experts including Dr. Stuart Philips, Dr. Brandon Roberts, Menno Henselmans, etc., on the Board of Advisors, who help build strategies aligned to give best results for trainers’ clients’ needs.

The Fitness Industry is going through a painful period where this crisis has forced many businesses to permanently shut their doors. However, it has also spurred the importance of being healthy in people’s minds where they have taken to searching ways to remain fit online. According to Ms. Jyoti Dabas, Founder, INFS, “This trend towards online is forcing the industry which was stuck in its old ways to upgrade itself. Naturally, the professionals in the industry have to upgrade their skill set too, as people need their services now more than ever.”

INFS teaches fitness professionals to focus on their client’s long term health & create sustainable plans for them. Even though completely online, INFS offers students access to robust community support for learning & developing confidence to work in a practical setting.

INFS, quite literally, is changing the face of the Indian fitness industry. To date, INFS has trained over 6000 individuals – helping them evolve into freelance nutrition & fitness coaches. More than 200 of them have joined FITTR, and transformed the lives of more than 150,000 people across the globe.


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