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Pre-seed funding raised by Kenyan quizzing startup mSwali

mSwali, a Kenyan quizzing business, has secured an undisclosed pre-seed investment to extend its mSwali Quiz MVP from USSD to a web app.

mSwali, a USSD-based quiz game with subjects focusing on particular African countries, the continent, and the globe as a whole, was founded in July 2020.

“mSwali is a platform that aims to promote the desire and curiosity to know more, within the African adult population, using mobile-based learning games that are fun, rewarding, and easily accessible. We believe knowledge is power, and it enhances people’s overall well-being,” said Patrick Mungai, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) mSwali.

“There are very few mobile-based learning games focused on the African adult population and instead we currently have a proliferation of hundreds of betting and gambling platforms across the continent. mSwali aims to counter this by attracting this population by adopting its learning games to the existing user behaviour.”

For the time being, the firm is based in Kenya, but it has just acquired an unknown sum of pre-seed money to help it create a web app as it extends to South Africa. Every day, mSwali adds 500 new members to its platform.




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