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Re-Teck Collaborates with Carriers Over Zoom Lunches About Repurposing Equipment as They Continue 5G Deployment

DALLAS, July 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Re-Teck, a member of the Li Tong Group and a global leader in Reverse Supply Chain Management Solutions, announced they are partnering with wireless carriers who need to dispose of outdated equipment as they continue their deployment of 5G technology. Projections indicate that 5G networks will cover 40% of the world and handle 25% of all mobile traffic by 2024. The 5G technology creates a vast amount of obsolete equipment that includes switching and transmission equipment, cell site hardware, and millions of 2G, 3G, and 4G devices, which Re-Teck will collect, repurpose and recycle using a circular economy model.

Re-Teck is taking the initiative to connect with their fellow Competitive Carrier Association (CCA) member carriers over Zoom lunch meetings. Interested parties can set up a lunch appointment at, and a Re-Teck Representative will schedule the meeting and have lunch delivered to the attendee, who may be working from home or at the office. This provides Re-Teck’s Zoom attendees a great lunch and supports local restaurants.

In addition to assisting carriers, Re-Teck is also working with large corporations who have buildings full of unutilized desktops, laptops and other electronic equipment since the COVID-19 pandemic. These businesses can take the opportunity to repurpose and recycle older models and use the revenue generated to upgrade equipment and systems.


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