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Rwanda Finance and ABAN collaborate to promote entrepreneurship and raise investor awareness

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed by Rwanda Finance Ltd. (RFL), a business committed to making Rwanda a leading financial destination in Africa, and the Africa Business Angels Network (ABAN), a pan-African association of angel investors, to work together and advance their respective initiatives across the continent.

ABAN, which was founded in 2015, is a well-known network of angel investors with an emphasis on Africa that includes more than 35 African nations as well as the diaspora. The organization is committed to promoting market education on angel investing and the creation of an ecosystem for early-stage investment across the continent. RFL, with its headquarters in Rwanda, has been actively promoting the nation as a top financial hub in Africa, luring investments and promoting economic development.

The two’s collaboration aims to promote entrepreneurship, raise investor awareness, and develop an advantageous investment ecosystem in Africa. According to the MoU, ABAN, and RFL will collaborate on marketing efforts and other projects to increase investor awareness and make access to investment opportunities easier. Through the Kigali International Finance Centre (KIFC), the partnership hopes to promote Rwanda’s investment ecosystem by utilizing ABAN’s wide network of angel investors and RFL’s expertise.

“The collaboration between ABAN and RFL signifies a significant milestone for African entrepreneurship,” said Fadilah Tchoumba, ABAN secretary general. “By combining our resources and networks, we aim to establish a formidable platform that supports early-stage investments and expedites the growth of African startups.”

Key terms and obligations for both parties are outlined in the MoU. RFL will facilitate interaction with ecosystem regulators, suggest administrators for ABAN and its member networks when establishing entities in Rwanda, and help qualified investors obtain investment certificates. ABAN will encourage the members of its network to make their investments through KIFC in exchange for delivering training sessions on early-stage investment to the KIFC ecosystem’s participants.




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