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SmartDesk 4: a Revolutionary New Ergonomic Innovation from Autonomous, Inc

RIVERSIDE, Calif., /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Autonomous, Inc has announced its latest ergonomic innovation, the SmartDesk 4, set for release in early November.

The SmartDesk 4 is a revolutionary new electric standing desk that is launching at a time when many people are looking for ways to upgrade their home offices or corporate offices ergonomically and safely.

Thanks to the built in app, the SmartDesk 4 is also a health-conscious choice for anyone who wants to boost their productivity and maintain a consistent, healthy work routine. For those who want to protect their wellbeing and work consciously, this new solution from Autonomous has arrived at the perfect time.

What is special about SmartDesk 4?

Autonomous’ newest all-in-one package, the SmartDesk 4 enables productivity boost by establishing practical improvements from the previous version. They aim to build a one-stop device with a brand new mobile application to help you set up a consistent and efficient routine that you can depend on all day, every day.

With a simple press of a button in the app that comes along, you will be able to change and preset desk heights, take up a healthy habit of moving while working with self-scheduled sit-stand sessions and free exercise videos. SmartDesk 4 also possesses better stability with frame enhancement and quieter motion support for a cleaner, non-distracting workplace.

And no, they do not stop there.

1. Stronger and quieter frame to ensure the non-distracting workspace
It now can lift up to 350 lbs—Autonomous’ highest lifting capacity yet. Producing under 40db, the electric motor makes this the quietest SmartDesk in action.

2. Wireless control for a seamless experience
Seamlessly activate and control your desk by just a touch on your phone. Change desk height, preset up to 3 memory heights, schedule sit-stand sessions, and more

3. Self-scheduled sit-stand sessions enable moving habit while working
SmartDesk 4 adjusts when you need to focus and intuitively reminds you to sit down keeping your energy flowing throughout the day. Choose our pre-set intervals or customize your own. Plan your day, set your routine, and go.

4. Free exercise videos for a quick energy boost
SmartDesk 4 includes easy step-by-step workout guides which you can easily do at your standing desk between your breaks. Never skip exercise for more time at work. Maintain your exercise routine to keep you working more efficiently.

5. Upcoming: Productivity challenge
Join the challenge to create the best routines that work for you. Receive rewards from us for your celebration of achievement. Make a to-do list of personal goals and get moving.

6. Surprised feature. Gear up!

Stay tuned for more news about the bonus feature Autonomous never had before!

Those interested in staying up-to-date on release announcements for the upcoming SmartDesk 4 can subscribe to updates via the Autonomous website:

Autonomous is expected to release more details about the SmartDesk 4 prior to its upcoming November launch.

About Autonomous

Our journey started after launching the SmartDesk on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo in 2015. Since then, we grew into an international company, reaching $100M revenue in just 5 years. Today we are a well-known brand of smart office furniture. The rapid growth of our customer base is a seal of approval that Autonomous products live up to their consumer expectations and budget. Not only do we manufacture the most affordable office furniture, but we are also the ambassadors for the smart working movement worldwide.


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