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Swiggy plans to roll out IIT Jodhpur developed facial recognition app

The partnership between IIT Jodhpur will further strengthen its position in the Indian eco-system as an AI-first technology-driven company.

India’s top food delivery app partners with one of India’s most prestigious institutes IIT Jodhpur, aiming to develop a state-of-the-art facial recognition system backed by AI. The facial recognition system will enhance the capability of artificial intelligence and increase the security and compliance of the platform making its usage easier for customers and restaurant partners.

The importance and need of AI-driven facial recognition will be able to detect and extract faces from several images or selfies. The images detected will be further used for verification of a person also preventing the app to fall for fraud or any kind of impersonation.

Hemant Misra, VP, Applied Research at Swiggy said, “Swiggy has always aspired to develop and use cutting-edge solutions to provide its customers and partners with the greatest convenience. With the help of changemakers at IIT Jodhpur, we are developing a solution that would streamline comprehensive background checks for delivery partners and help us control and reduce impersonation as well as fraud.” IIT Jodhpur has been relentlessly working on designing a robust solution for face recognition for over a decade. The step of partnering up came after Swiggy felt the need for an AI-driven solution that can automatically detect faces.

The software that is being designed will be able to recognize a person’s face through mapping which is based on their nose, eyes, chin, and cheeks, taking in distinctive qualities making each of us different from one another. The reliability of this software is being tested for its accuracy and security.

IIT Jodhpur’s professor Mayank Vatsa said “for more than ten years, the research team at IIT Jodhpur has been developing reliable face recognition systems for both confined and unconstrained settings. Through the collaboration with Swiggy, research on practical applications of document ID matching with selfies can be further improvised.”




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